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What next for Food, Drink and Farming in a Post-Brexit Scotland?

ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest low carbon business ideas competition, has selected three winners to represent Scotland at the global final in Tallinn, Estonia later this year. This followed a European record-breaking 59 applications to the Scottish stage of the competition,

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The Circular Economy is Big Business

If someone says “circular economy” to you, what images are conjured up in your head? Tom and Barbara enjoying The Good Life in their garden? Guardian readers sitting by a campfire singing ‘Kum ba yah’. The Wombles creatively recycling things that

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Clean Tech Clean Profits

Some of my musings on “Efficiency Gains” and “Smart Energy” published in the Institute of Director’s book “Clean Tech Clean Profits” back in July 2014 (Kogan Page / Institute of Directors ISBN-13: 978-0749470418).  

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ICT could cut GHG emissions by 16.5%

Really interesting report by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) on “The Role of ICT in Driving a Sustainable Future”. “GeSI’s SMARTer2020 report demonstrates how the increased use of information and communication technology (ICT) such as video conferencing and smart building management

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Intelligent Data and Domestic Energy

Following a successful inaugral workshop in Aberdeen, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation joined forces with ScotlandIS for the second Low Carbon Special Interest Group meeting on Thursday 6th December 2012. The meet ups aim to facilitate interaction and commercial

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The always on society

We need to shift away from being an “always on” society. This time ten years ago my boss was getting ready for another day at the BT Disruptive Innovation Lab at MIT, unaware of the disruption that was going to

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ICT & Carbon Management

Or at length… The Role of ICT in Carbon Management & Finance Visit # 2 to China. This time no in-country travel, just seven days in Beijing from 21st to 28th August. The main purpose of this visit was to

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China: Climate Change and Informatics

Over the 20th-25th April 2011 I had the opportunity to visit China on business and had the great honour of presenting on the subject of “Climate Change and Informatics in Scotland” to the 2011 International Conference on Office Informatization, Beijing,

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An Internet of Things

The news of an Internet for robots has really captured the imagination of people. I read these BBC News and WIRED articles and thought it would appeal to an audience of geeks predominantly, but then lots of friends and family

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Living Earth Simulator

I think FuturICT is a really bold initiative which, if successful, could make a significant contribution to our understanding of and action about climate change. Think along the lines of SimCity and Google Earth combined with all the realtime and

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