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Clean Tech Clean Profits

Some of my musings on “Efficiency Gains” and “Smart Energy” published in the Institute of Director’s book “Clean Tech Clean Profits” back in July 2014 (Kogan Page / Institute of Directors ISBN-13: 978-0749470418).  

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Show me the money!

I’ve got it on my to-do list to create a business strategy workshop based exclusively on popular films. For example @BillAulet and @KenPMorse like to refer to ‘12 Angry Men’, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘’ in workshops. I think that

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Archangel’s looking for heavenly returns in energy efficiency

Every time you use NetThings® an Angel gets their wings. I couldn’t resist using a line from my favourite film to start this post about Ewgeco’s new energy management platform. If, like Clarence, Archangel’s are down the angelic hierarchy, Ewgeco

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Too rich and too lazy to change?

We live in a society that wastes an appalling amount of food, electricity and water. According to Zero Waste Scotland, energy created from Scotland’s annual food waste could power Dundee for six months. Alternatively every household could make significant savings

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Clean Energy Ethnocentrism? It’s no joke.

This is the text of an article I wrote for Cleantech Investor Magazine. Published on 12th June, 2013. An Australian activist, a Scottish banker and an American serial-entrepreneur walk in to a bar; and start-up a successful global clean energy

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