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Clean Tech Clean Profits

Some of my musings on “Efficiency Gains” and “Smart Energy” published in the Institute of Director’s book “Clean Tech Clean Profits” back in July 2014 (Kogan Page / Institute of Directors ISBN-13: 978-0749470418).  

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Energy Efficiency in India

I had a very interesting meeting with Avijit Bhattacharya today. Avijit  is the CEO of TATA Cleantech Capital, which is a new division of the giant TATA global conglomerate. TATA Cleantech Capital, like the UK’s Green Investment Bank, have “Energy

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Intelligent Data and Domestic Energy

Following a successful inaugral workshop in Aberdeen, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation joined forces with ScotlandIS for the second Low Carbon Special Interest Group meeting on Thursday 6th December 2012. The meet ups aim to facilitate interaction and commercial

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Venture Capital and Open Data: the dichotomy of clean energy ventures

Today, Wednesday, 13th June 2012, has been a major highlight of my working life. In Washington DC, at the US Department of Energy’s inaugural National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition, I had the tremendous privilege of being on an “investor

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Reducing tons with zeros and ones.

There are many terms out there for how Informatics and Computer Science can help deliver the low carbon economy. Conflicting and confusing. Cleantech, Greentech, Green ICT, Sustainable ICT; and of course Smart this and that. Smart cities, Smart motor systems, Smart logistics, Smart buildings, Smart

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The Unfinished Clean Revolution

By 2020, Scotland has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 42%. And there is £50,000 up for grabs for someone who can develop a software application that inspires Scottish businesses to think greener and respond to this ambitious target. App

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Renewables + Informatics = Competitive Edge for Scotland

I hosted the corporate venturing arm of a Japanese engineering conglomerate in Edinburgh recently, providing a brief introduction to Scotland’s renewable energy sector. We spent two days meeting Pelamis Wave Power, Aquamarine Power, NGenTec, Clyde Blowers Capital and the University

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The always on society

We need to shift away from being an “always on” society. This time ten years ago my boss was getting ready for another day at the BT Disruptive Innovation Lab at MIT, unaware of the disruption that was going to

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Happy Birthday Big Blue

There’s a great book by Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn called “Brand New : How Entrepreneurs Earned Consumers’ Trust from Wedgwood to Dell”. It’s a fascinating insight to the brand trust and longevity built up by six entrepreneurs: Heinz,

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