Collective Impact

I hadn’t heard of the term “Collective Impact” until this week, when Ian Ritchie invited me to be part of a task group tackling the issue of “Skills for Growth” in Scotland. Alongside some big-guns such as David Milne, founder

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Show me the money!

I’ve got it on my to-do list to create a business strategy workshop based exclusively on popular films. For example @BillAulet and @KenPMorse like to refer to ‘12 Angry Men’, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘’ in workshops. I think that

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Archangel’s looking for heavenly returns in energy efficiency

Every time you use NetThings® an Angel gets their wings. I couldn’t resist using a line from my favourite film to start this post about Ewgeco’s new energy management platform. If, like Clarence, Archangel’s are down the angelic hierarchy, Ewgeco

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Too rich and too lazy to change?

We live in a society that wastes an appalling amount of food, electricity and water. According to Zero Waste Scotland, energy created from Scotland’s annual food waste could power Dundee for six months. Alternatively every household could make significant savings

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There is no “nuclear winter” in clean tech.

This is the text of an article I wrote for Cleantech Investor Magazine. Published on 12th June, 2013. Venture Capital is broken. According to a report last year by the Kauffman Foundation; and this was certainly a talking point in

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Clean Energy Ethnocentrism? It’s no joke.

This is the text of an article I wrote for Cleantech Investor Magazine. Published on 12th June, 2013. An Australian activist, a Scottish banker and an American serial-entrepreneur walk in to a bar; and start-up a successful global clean energy

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Innovating to Zero!

Energy Finance for Growth, 6th January 2015 in London, will feature two Harvard Business School case studies: TerraPower LLC > (link to HBS case). Carbon Engineering Ltd > (link to HBS case). TerraPower aims to develop a sustainable and economic nuclear energy

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Energy Efficiency in India

I had a very interesting meeting with Avijit Bhattacharya today. Avijit  is the CEO of TATA Cleantech Capital, which is a new division of the giant TATA global conglomerate. TATA Cleantech Capital, like the UK’s Green Investment Bank, have “Energy

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ICT could cut GHG emissions by 16.5%

Really interesting report by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) on “The Role of ICT in Driving a Sustainable Future”. “GeSI’s SMARTer2020 report demonstrates how the increased use of information and communication technology (ICT) such as video conferencing and smart building management

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Intelligent Data and Domestic Energy

Following a successful inaugral workshop in Aberdeen, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation joined forces with ScotlandIS for the second Low Carbon Special Interest Group meeting on Thursday 6th December 2012. The meet ups aim to facilitate interaction and commercial

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