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Could you or your organisation help us achieve a gender balance at Energy Finance for Growth on 6th January 2015?

I’ve been designing, developing and running workshops for science, technology and engineering entrepreneurs and corporate innovators for 14 years now. Working for or on behalf of organisations such at BT plc, the Cambridge-MIT Institute Ltd, the Judge Business School, the CBI, the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education, the University of Edinburgh, the UK Foreign Office and the Chinese Government.

Recent analysis of attendees across all workshops I have been involved with shows a disappointing (but not surprising) male to female ratio of, at best, 6:1.

Perhaps this says something about my marketing efforts, network or approach. But I believe it says more about a general gender gap in technology entrepreneurship; and more fundamental gender issues with regards to women choosing STEM careers in academia and industry, the number of women choosing STEM undergraduate degrees and the number of girls being attracted to STEM subjects at school.

Over the years I have supported a number of approaches to address the gender balance on workshops. Whilst working for the University of Cambridge Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning I made an active decision to force a 50:50 gender balance on the “Enterprisers” programme I managed; and I supported the development of a women-only programme called “MEETS” (Mid-Career Enterprise Education for Technology & Science). I raised the issue of gender and STEM in schools when establishing the FIRST LEGO League in the East of England (see a BBC news report).

Whilst running Informatics Ventures at the University of Edinburgh, I organised dedicated programmes on “New Approaches To Leadership For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs, Managers & CEOs” and funded a series of Girl Geek Scotland workshops.

Yet despite paying what I think is serious attention to the gender issue, the 6:1 male to female ratio is hard data suggesting there is still much to be done!

I am eager to strike a gender balance at January 2015’s workshop on “Energy Finance for Growth” and am actively seeking organisations who could sponsor places on the workshop for women in early-career applied academic and research roles and women entrepreneurs in the energy and low-carbon sectors.

For a modest level of sponsorship (£5,000) we are offering 10 workshop places along with a generous engagement plan to ensure a return on marketing investment. You can find a full sponsorship proposal in this PDF.

If your organisation is interested in this please do contact me to arrange a call or meeting to discuss further.

Andrew Mitchell


Phone: +44(0)1316187799

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